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Pets Corner

My name is a Lily. I’m your household pet cat  that ensures there is no predator like a snake and small insects that invade your home.

As much as I’m a small animal watchman, I need you to treat me with love and care. Bath me from time to time and feed me with healthy foods to ease my work.

My name is a Spike; I’m a house pet dog who guarantees you unconditional love and care. I ensure there is no intruder gets to your home.

I can handle a few chores if you train me to do so. I’m a great companion; you can’t get lonely as long as you also involve me in your daily activities.

Take me out for a walk and treat me with love. You’ll get more than a watchman in the home.

I’m a small fish in your aquarium, I may not be part of you during your outdoor activities, but I beautify your home when I swim in excitement.

I can only do this when you also drop some food to keep me healthy and energized. Water is my habitat; therefore, ensure it’s clean and free from impurities.

I’m sure you love seeing me swim in excitement and grow. My beautiful colors are part of your décor.

My name is a horse. I’m your house pet for outdoor activity. Are you tired of nature trails alone?

Do you still want to enjoy nature but with a companion? That is my work. I will carry you around and hip, hop and jump with you as I listen and follow your instructions.

I only need you to provide the right food, wash me, and treat me when I’m sick. In return, you will enjoy my company as I hold you on my back.

We are birds! What is it that you like about us to the point you spare some room for us? We are here to add some aesthetic value to your home. We have wings and walk at the same time.

You can choose to keep us as outdoor pets or indoors. We come with specific functions; the hen is a delicacy and can also lay eggs for your protein needs. Others are here for companionship and our sweet melodies to cheer you up after a long day. We only need you to take care of us, and you won’t regret our presence in your home.


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